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First Aid In The Workplace
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Every employer is required to have appropriate and adequate facilities, personnel and equipment ensuring that in the event of anything from a minor incident to a major emergency, your employees can receive immediate and appropriate attention and treatment.

The Health and Safety Regulations calls for ALL employers to provide these measures – it remains a fact that, sadly and unwisely, not all do. And yet, it need not be a difficult thing to achieve.

First Aid should not be viewed as a simple “box ticking“ exercise. Large numbers of people are injured, have accidents, or fall ill in the workplace every year – it is clearly beneficial to both the individual and to the employer to have these events dealt with properly and efficiently.

It is a well known fact that the first four minutes following an accident are the most crucial in saving lives – Imagine the repercussions if your company failed to offer or provide the necessary assistance in those “worst case“ circumstances. Less serious events can also turn into problems and inconvenience for both employer and employee in terms of absence from work.

Taking all that in to consideration it becomes obvious that TRAINING is absolutely vital. WE provide exactly the package you require. Whether your business is large medium or small – in an office environment, manufacturing or industrial we tailor the course content to exactly your unique circumstances. Not only that, we can train on your premises making the process even more relevant.

More information about our available courses and content can be found on this site – please read on and then contact us to discuss what we can do for your company.

All our courses are delivered by fully Qualified and Certified trainers.

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